Select Fees & Costs

Rush Select Player Fees 2020-2021

Club Fee

Down Payment - $200
Number of Monthly Payments - 7
Monthly Payment Amount - $154.29


Option 1: Pay in Full – Pay the entire annual fee, plus $140 volunteer fee, up front, using an e-check (ACH payment) or Credit/Debit Card at the time of online registration. Additional service fees apply*.

Option 2: Monthly Automatic Payment Plan – Pay a down payment (which includes your $140 volunteer fee), plus nine monthly installments as described above for the respective age. This payment plan has additional service fees*.

* Service fees - If paying with a credit/debit card additional fees are a 2.9% credit card processing fee and $3 Affinity service fee per payment. If paying with an E-check, a service fee of $5 will be added per payment.

*Please note, Washington Rush has a no-refund policy including the down payment.

Fees and Descriptions


(Included in Annual Fee)

Player fees cover the following:

  • Registration 
  • NPSL League
  • Coaching
  • Game and Field rental
  • Directors and administrative staff
  • Goalkeeper training
  • SAQ sessions
  • Referees
  • Other administrative costs


(Additional Fee)

2020-2021 season will be the Club’s second year in a two-year cycle for uniforms. This includes 2 game jerseys, 1 pair game shorts, 1 pair game socks and 1 local training shirt.

Uniform costs run approximately $120.

Warm up pants, warm up jacket and a backpack can be purchased for an additional cost.

Current kits can be viewed HERE


(Additional Fee)

Each team will have a unique team budget that is approved by the coach and a club director. Examples of team expenses include tournament fees, team equipment (first aid kit, team bench, etc.), team travel, and coach travel. These additional expenses may or may not occur, depending on what each team and coach determines is needed.

The team fee will be allocated to the team and is handled by the team treasurer. The unique team expenses will be communicated at the first team meeting after tryouts and will be divided by the number of players on the team.

If you have questions about the cost, please contact a club administrator.


(Additional Fee)

Families will be charged $80 volunteer fee at the time of registration. This is refundable upon completion of working 2 volunteer hours for the Club ($120 and 3 hours worked for multi-player families). If you paid your fees in full, a refund check will be issued. If you are using the monthly payment plan, a credit will be applied to your account. Refunds/credits will be processed by the end of the season.


Club Raffle: Each Player will need to sell one raffle book (book of 10 tickets for $10 each) as part of the Club Raffle. For families with more than one player in Washington Rush, we ask the family to sell 1.5 books (15 tickets) per family. A portion of the proceeds go directly to fund the Club’s financial aid fund.